Always show respect and humility.

Be on time, all the time.

Greet your instructor and teammates.

If you are the first student to arrive, clean the mats.

If you are late to class, pay your dues in corporal discipline (dependent on instructor).

Once completed, ask permission to join the class.

Keep up with hygiene: clean gi, short finger/toenails, body odour, etc.

Always wear sandals off the mats.

Remove all jewellery before training.

If you have a question, ask an instructor. Do not coach each other unless with a higher belt.

Try not to sit out between rounds, always push your limits.

Roll hard, but roll smart! “Tap today, train tomorrow.”

Always protect your partner.

What happens on the mats stays on the mats.

At beginning and end of class, line up according to rank.

Please ensure your membership dues are always up to date.

Most importantly, have fun!